Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reception: a plea for musicological humanity

A plea for musicological humanity,
A plea that does not assume to discover, excavate or to unearth relics of historical value, but one that consciously remakes a Foucauldian present of the past.
A plea for humanitarian research, with the ear towards yesterday's listener today.
A plea for Bach enthusiasts to keep their CDs of the Goldberg Variations,
A plea for non-Bach enthusiasts to keep their CDs of the Goldberg Variations to aid a restful night's slumber.
A plea for the creation of new chronotypes that refashions the past, remodels our future and illuminates the worth of the space in-between.
A plea to listen to what matters to us most,
And not because some daddy thought it would make them richer,
Or more attractive,
Or better-liked.
A plea for the sake of pleading, not the sake of persuading.

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